The Faces Behind Our Speak Easy Event, August 18th

If you haven't heard, the second installment of our Speak Easy series, an intimate evening of open dialogue on dating, relationships and sex will be taking place on Saturday, August 18th. This time around, the discussion will be from the male perspective featuring Najee Ellerbe of the Mind Over Matter podcast out of Washington, DC and three other amazing panelists, including the Creator/Host of our podcast, Anthony Roberts.

We wanted to do a spotlight post to introduce you to the moderator and panelists ahead of the event to put a face with their names. We know they each will have lots of good advice and relatable stories to share. We certainly look forward to their perspectives on topics that most people are not willing to discuss openly and honestly. Read more about each of them below.



A passionate lover of black men, vehement defender of black women, and fervent believer in black love, Michelle Williams is a self-proclaimed sarcastic analytic, who enjoys diving deeply into the nuances that both bind us together as well as tear us apart. A Texas native, Michelle currently serves as Executive Director of the Dallas Entrepreneur Center, a 501c3 dedicated to helping entrepreneurs start, build and grow their businesses. She most recently served as President of the Dallas-Fort Worth Urban League Young Professionals, an advocacy organization of over 200 black young professionals from across the metroplex. When she is not side-eyeing at an elected official, you can find her with a mimosa in hand, nose in a book and/or swag-surfing at every party with a black attendance of over 82%. Follow her @bemichellew on Twitter/Instagram.


Featured Panelist.

Najee Ellerbe, a native Washingtonian, has made it his point to live and breathe positivity and open-mindedness with everything that he does. With a B.A. from Virginia State University and an M.B.A. from Georgetown University, he sparked Mind Over Matter Podcast as an outlet for elevation. 

Najee is certainly stirring things up, and he wants people to know that Mind Over Matter represents more than just an outlet for him and others to speak freely. It represents the mindset and knowledge that we can do whatever we see in our futures, and that we do not have to be the product of our given circumstances. Anybody can change the path they’re on with critical thinking, hard work and determination.


Host Panelist.

Anthony Roberts, host of Tha Reality Is podcast and Founder of Roberts Media Group, a Dallas based firm specializing in podcast management.

He is most known for his honest, raw and unfiltered style of conversation that many people love but don't allow themselves to indulge in. He created this event to be a true reflection of that in hopes of getting more people to be open and honest about the things they want in life.

When he is not on the mic, you can find him voicing his opinions on social media, feeding his creativity through artistic endeavors and diligently working behind the scenes to change the narrative of our culture, thereby moving it forward.



Frank Minikon considers himself a conversationalist of the highest order, and communication is certainly one of his strengths. He is the co-host of the Quad Podcast (QuadCast) under the umbrella of Roberts Media Group and enjoys providing great content and discussions for their listeners.

He is also part owner of the Global Publishing Company, Melanin Origins. They publish childrens' books with African American leaders as characters and tell a snippet of their lives for children ages 7 and under.

He is a father of two children, Zair 9 and Morgan 7, and have been married for 12 years to his beautiful Queen Markena, so of course he's an expert in relationships right???



TC Hughes is a motivational speaker with a passion to help others find and maximize their purpose.

He loves the art of communication and holds several degrees in the field ranging from Sociology to Humanities and Public Speaking.

"I love interacting with people, learning who they are and making fun of life with strangers. Be it in small groups or large auditoriums, I believe in finding common ground and that conversational communication fosters dialogue that makes the difference."


Tickets are available at We hope to see you there!