Listener Feedback, We Appreciate You!

We've been pushing the whole "Rating & Review" thing lately and our listeners have really stepped up and came through for us. Check out some of their feedback below and keep it coming!

I hopped around this podcast catalog for a few weeks now and i've enjoyed what i've heard thus far. Do you guys ever do live recordings in Dallas?
- Issac
I'm new to the whole podcast thing but this is one of my new favorites. These guys are hilarious!
- Kay
This show is dope! Not only does it show intellect but it also exemplifies the perspective of people who are comfortable with different perspectives and discussing "taboo" topics. I've seen the evolution of this show, bravo to the host. Great podcast, great listens, great humor, and great thought generating conversation. Keep it up guys this is the type of discussion society needs!
- Jakeem Gregory