Adulthood: Woes & Fun Times

One of the many things that most cannot wait for is adulthood. Adulthood is the most exciting time of life. There are many good things that come along with adulthood, but there are also many responsibilities.


Growing up there were many things that were handled for us. Our parent or parents deals with many things that we do not take into consideration. The roof over your head, clothes on your back, food in your belly, products that go into and on your body. Let's not even talk about the holidays. All of those things can add up, and no matter the financial situation.  

These things do not even come into the fore front of your mind until you have to worry about those things YOURSELF!!!! That's right the woes of adulthood are making sure you have a good job so you can maintain that lifestyle that you are accustomed to.  

Fun Times 

There are quite a few great things that come with being an adult. For starters you have independence. Second you do not have to have you parent, or parents' stamp of approval for how you spend your money, or time. You get to experience different things; you're able to experience the trial and error of life with choice of involving your parent, or parents. 

Being able to learn from your own mistakes is much more beneficial; even if it is a similar mistake to someone else. Learning for you is a fun time in adulthood believe it or not. 

Life is a learning experience. In the beginning you go by the guidelines that your parent or parents give you to prepare you for adulthood. When you finally reach adulthood it is up to take what has been taught to you, and what you learned up until that point and use that to help guide you through adulthood. The trick is however to make sure that you live your life for you and not the way others want you to. 

Ahhhhhh the joys of adulthood......... 



Myla Pettiford is a lifestyle writer from North Carolina. For more of her personal insights, visit AmiableEmpath.