There are windows that everyone's always looking through without having a clue what's really going on inside of you. From the outside looking in, there's a long list of things you should do. Painting this picture as if they are so much better. When you look at the reality of it, everyone is great. But something about you as a individual person stands out. It serves a purpose in so many different ways.

Greatness comes from being imperfect and overcoming obstacles that most people would have given up on. The determination that greatness will always stay implanted. Because you understand every great person has a story. They have fallen only to get up and rise catching everybody by surprise .

No matter what stage of life you fall under always remember you're great. Don't even entertain the noise of those that look through the window of your life. Just close the blinds and keep greatness on your mind.

Eri Hunt is an inspirational writer from North Carolina. For more of her personal insights, visit Eri Talk - Inspiration for Life Situations.