It's easy to bring added pressure into your life. The intensifying willingness to become so attentive, losing sight of the bigger picture that should linger in the mind. Instead you grow weak bringing burdens that put a strong hold on the body. Stuck with an unclear conscious, something within allows you to keep trying. For what exactly? Carrying unnecessary weight in your life is a toxic behavior that's dangerous to your ability to reach your highest potential . 

Here are four major tips to help you live a more pleasant life:

  1. Stay true - don't take on more than you can handle.
  2. Responsibility - look at the things in your life that's top priority then focus on those obligations to succeed.
  3. Help - only those that truly want the offering. 
  4. Analyze - maybe someone said or did something that you just don't understand . Sometimes it's just not even worth your time or energy. Trying to analyze their mindset would take a lifetime even if you tried. It really helps to pray about it and then move on without being affected; giving yourself a peace of mind is most important. 

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