TRI: Open Letter

The fear that police have of black people, black men to be specific is truly an extension of roughly 63 percent give or take a few points of this country. It's unfortunate and it's sad. When incidents like Terrence Crutcher, Tyre King, Alton Sterling and others take place I always receive that call from my mother to be safe and aware of my surroundings. Because I've been said to look like a "big black dude" because of my build, or a "bad dude" because of the color of my skin, my ethnic hairstyle and the writings on my skin. A few years ago some of us in the black community wondered if the younger generation would know that racism even existed. It's important in the black community that our children and youngsters know where they come from, that they know the real American history. We wondered if they could ever grasp such a thing as racism and segregation. In a day and time where interracial dating/marriage is at an all time high, a time where if you have enough money you can do anything and go anywhere, a time where blacks own businesses, we're on the front of magazine covers and the culture has been so diluted that most kids don't even know that black people created much of what's seen on te(lie)vision. Well over the last 5 years I think life being the greatest teacher has taught them that this country hasn't always been so optimistic, change hasn't always been on the tip of fingers and love hasn't always been on the tips of tongues. With no solution in sight I do pray for better days but prayer hasn't changed the hate in societies heart in quite sometime if ever. So with that being said, what are black people left to do when we are being chopped down in the streets one by one? What are we to do about laws and amendments that were created when our ancestors had chains around their necks, hands and feet? How can we obey the law and still be murdered in cold blood but continue to turn the other cheek? The reason some can't understand the anger of a community is because they look for a reason to justify why a life was taken before they even express empathy. You can't learn if you're not listening, we're tired of being heard and not listened to. Some say that the loss of life and resources is the key but who wants to live in a world like that? I don't even like living in a world where, black men are killed and forgotten but cops kill and they are praised. Donations are made in their names. It doesn't matter if they lived or died, if they are right or wrong contributions are made in their names. But as for black men, especially the good ones only our family's carry the burden of keeping their legacies alive and giving the families of the loss support. I'm tired of black people whispering to avoid hurting white feelings, if they aren't racist or of bigoted thought then they should be fine and if they are offended by "our" freedom of speech and peaceful protest then to hell with them.