This Is Just The Beginning (Throwback Thursday)

I didn't really have any expectations when I started podcasting. I didn't know if I would last a month or a year or even a week. I've been podcasting for roughly 2 years now and I still don't know how long it will last. I just know that I love creating things, collecting things and helping people see life just a little differently if possible. I podcast when I have something to say, something that carries meaning to me or a guest on the show. 

My podcast was built for the imperfect, the professional, the under and overwhelmed, the person that no one listens to, those who have a voice and a platform and those who simply doodle in a journal about "their" emotions. 

Podcasting can be a bitch..if you want it to succeed. And it's a blessing in disguise. On iTunes you can find my podcast hidden away between the facetiousness of The Brilliant Idiots or the effeminateness of Another Round. Tha Reality Is, is that life can be full of great moments that mean everything and nothing at all, life often times pulls and pushes us into light and dark corners, it makes our lips bend to smile and it has the power to soften a harden heart. I say it all the time, podcasting is therapy. 

The biggest thing about podcasting is that it can't walk without the help of others. It's beneficial if you have listeners leaving ratings and reviews and we have that. It's also beneficial if you have guest and cohost and guest cohost, and we have that as well. This podcast has grown because of everyone whose had a hand in this project; it doesn't matter whether they stayed or moved on, they had a hand in building this and I want to say thank you! I want to say thank you to all those who came along the way to help make this podcast what it is today. 

So as I stand up from my chair, put my hands together repeatedly and show appreciation from my belly through words, I want to say thank you to : Kristian Coopwood, Gary Green, Gabrielle Johnson, Christian Evans, Jessica Henderson, Brian Fuller and last but not least Artesia Swindle for helping me build something even if it was for a moments time. And thank you to all the listeners and supporters who give me the energy to continue pushing this thing forward. And in true TRI fashion thank you to my fucking guest and your transparency through your personal stories and life experiences. I fucking appreciate you!