The Fly On The Wall Series Kicks OFF This Weekend With Featured Guest: Terese Fountain

She has a beautiful smile. She lives within the skin god gave her. Her eyes beady yet historical, they have been somewhere. They tell a story of grace and preparation. Her hair blesses her collar bone with the slightest touch, her poses are magical worth a moment of feet cemented in the ground. 

The name Terese Fountain has been floating around in my head all week. Previously featured on Fountain was suppose to be a guest on a previous podcast but we battled with conflicting schedules and now here we are. The day has come, this Saturday she will be in studio with us to talk about all things feminism, the strength of black culture and her skin care line, "Theory Apothecary".

From St. Louis, now a native of Dallas, a feminist, a creator. I asked around to find out what people thought about her. They described her as: outspoken, intelligent and informed. I have yet to meet her so I did a little a research of my own. She seems to be a lover of the arts, natural hair and beauty. A woman who loves herself and is comfortable in her own skin. She dares to be different and relishes in the moments when she's challenged to be successful. 

Fountain recently posted a quote that read, "Create the things you wish existed," and she is doing so daily by seemingly creating a lane for black skin care, self love and equality for all women.