Podcasting From Home

On this past weeks podcast we tried something different. We did a show from home, me, Gabrielle and my big brother. It was a little different to say the least but comfort was there. We were amongst family and friends, drinks and hot wings and the storytelling was the best. We talked about everything from my brothers brain surgery and me never playing football again to Gabrielle's personal experience with domestic violence. 

The mood that night felt perfect for podcasting. Me and Gabrielle's chemistry on the mic continues to grow. We've always known each other since childhood, living only a few blocks away and attending the same high school. Our friendship shows that time has a way of separating you and also an even better way of bringing you back together. 

Me and my brothers chemistry and relationship seems to grow stronger each week. As we told our stories and individual struggles in life, it made me remember a time when we seemingly hated each others guts. We've said some of the most cruel things to one another but again time has a way of healing all wounds and words that have been said and or taken out of context. Family is love and love is to have family. 

We named episode 63 "Midnight On Wax", because we were laying down real stories about real people and ourselves after midnight on hot mic's. Why am saying this, because people wanted to know the reason behind the title. You'd be surprise that some people don't know the terminology in which we use when behind the mic. 

So today is Tuesday, some of us had Monday off for Memorial Day and spent time with family and friends but now it's back to the hustle and bustle of the work week and we've got a great podcast waiting to come from your phone into your ears, from sender to receiver. There is a lot of funny stories, enlightening topics and truthful podcast waiting for you to indulge. Thanks for listening in advance, now let's go up!