I've Got To Move On

So I just imprinted on my resignation letter and I know there is nothing left to do but transition on into my new gig. A job more fitting of me, full of opportunity, growth potential, 45 percent pay increase and the best thing, more opportunities to travel. Sometimes the hardest thing for us to do as employee's is to type of that letter of resignation letting your current employer know that today or over the next two weeks you will be leaving, moving onto something seemingly better.

Why does this transition seem nerve racking? Maybe it's because you are still going to be coming to work, and now not only do you know that this is your last two weeks but the office knows that you will be leaving as well. Will they be bitter or supportive? Will they make the load lighter or heavier? There are so many questions and emotions that are tied into those last two weeks. I know I've been in positions with companies where I didn't even want to put in a 2 weeks notice because the company was just that deficient and I didn't care what happened after I had left. Then on the other hand I have worked for companies that were nothing but good to me and made me feel at home.

This company that I am leaving behind is one of those companies. A company that allowed me to be me. A black man with dreadlocks, a mouth full of knowledge with the intent to learn, broad shoulders, tatted shoulder to shoulder and from shoulder to wrist, styled differently; I wore the uniform with pride and by the rules with a twist of Rob Poe added. They accepted all of it. They never asked me to modify my appearance or be different, never did they feel threatened by my tone or messages of how to make others aware of racism while avoiding being stereotyped. I was even able to discuss church and state, I spoke and I listened and no feathers were ruffled and if they were, we settled it like men through conversation and agreeing to disagree. 

Management while unorthodox it worked. It worked because everyone respects everyone and even though not everyone agreed, they followed the rolls of management because there is respect there. Generals often times fell in line with the soldiers and that's makes all the difference when dealing with the ego's of men. A company ran predominantly by women and ran with a great success rate and even better success story. Who said that women can't lead, who said that women can't follow their dreams and make something happen, who said that women can't be a leader of men? Whoever said it was wrong because I saw it happen on a day to day, week to week, month to month basis.

Diversity in this company was not just something written in fine print, it was something you could see and touch. With different races, ethnic groups and a balance in gender this company was/is the epitome of diversity. Employing every race from Vietnamese to African American all the way to German and Ethiopian.  Some may ask why are you leaving this company if you have all of these good things to say. I would reply, the same reason good men leave good women, just because it's good to you does not mean it's good for you.

Well it's time to move on. It's time to accept what lies ahead. It's time to grow. It's time to educate and be educated. It's time to listen and then speak. It's time to build something new and I'm pretty excited about it. I'm excited because not to long ago I was unemployed, without any benefits or income and no place to stay and this was no more than 2 years ago and this company and my prayers to God has me back on the right track. Time and chance happens to everyone but the question is, will you be ready when it does?