Weekend Review

This month we've had great guest to come into the studio and a few listeners call in or send us audio messages to give us their perspective on religion and how it has affected or changed their lives. We appreciate each of you for being transparent and allowing us to see your vulnerabilities. 

On this past weekend, we had the pleasure of doing Episode 61, titled "Bad Religion" alongside Chris Lewis (Engineer) and his childhood friend Josh Parker (Entrepreneur). The show was definitely one of our better one's if I must say with the quick word play and ad-libs by Josh and the behind the scenes information provided by Chris Lewis. It was full of laughter and quite informative; Lewis whose visited the studio a few times seemed to be much more comfortable and at home with his friend and BFAM (brother from another mother) along for the ride. You could feel the energy in the studio as Lewis informed us of how important it is to not migrate away from the inner city during the gentrification period currently taking place in South Dallas. 

"Black people what we do is we move to the suburbs, but once you do that you're leaving your community to plight and gentrification to happen in your city. Black people are the problem with gentrification, if we fix up our own cities we can possibly avoid gentrification" said Lewis. He's a father of one, a Dallas professional and a philanthropist in his city. His vision is to build a community of fathers through "Dallas Men Empowerment Network" where he and Parker are the founder and co-founder of the organization. 

Parker had this to say about gentrification, "I've noticed a lot of places like Highland Park put money back into their communities, what do blacks put their money back into, clothes and superficial things? You know where to find Hispanic and Vietnamese owned communities but where can you find a black owned community? Gentrification is all about properties and we don't have any because we don't invest in our communities." 

You can keep up with their upcoming events and learn how to be apart of their community by going to https://www.facebook.com/dallasmen/ on Facebook and if you want to help them educate and rebuild the community, you can donate to the cause at http://www.gofundme.com/fe56sc

Chris Lewis (left) and Joshua Parker (right)

Chris Lewis (left) and Joshua Parker (right)