The Miles Between us

Mr. McFadden,

Last Saturday you came to visit me in the studio and it was a great surprise to see you again after so many years had past. God has been good to your mental state and your outward appearance. It was good to see that you have not become a shell of yourself but instead you were lively as I've ever known you to be. As you got into your vehicle and subtracted the mileage between us, I not only grew anxious but nervous. Nervous that I would be too excited to see you, unable to contain my emotions, maybe even cry a little bit. See, you are like a father to me, the one I never had and even though after having a short conversation with you about my true feelings towards my "real" father, you placed the responsibility on me to make it right. 

See you told me things like, "You are bigger than this. Place your ego to the side. Do what you can to make it better and that's all you can do." I know you said all of those things to help me bridge the gap between my father and I, but that's the same message that a father would give his son about life and that's why I've always looked up to the type of man that you are. A man who marches to the beat of his own drum, as do I. A man who follows after Gods own heart, as do I. A man who when he wants something he does it with others and if it doesn't work out, you're willing to do it all by yourself, as do I. These are attributes I learned from you Mr. McFadden. 

As I hosted the show this weekend I felt you watching me, not just me but the man I have ultimately transcended into. See you know who I use to be and you know where I could've been: jail, the grave and only God knows where else. See you and your wife always spoke true life and meaning into my existence. My mother told me about the times when everyone counted me out, called me a thug, voiced how they didn't want their children to hang around me. You...your wife Wanda, you guys are the ones who told my mother that I would be a better man than anyone could ever know. You told my mother that it will just take time but be patient with me. She never gave up on me and neither did you . I am forever thankful for your prayers and how you constantly believed in me. I am thankful that you allowed your son Eric to be around me. With tears in my eyes I end this passage by saying, I love you and that I promise you will never change.

You are and always will be the father that I never had!