Kendrick, Wayne and Chainz

So Kendrick Lamar has done it again! At 11:55 pm Central Standard time my phone buzzed alerting me that Kendrick had dropped an "untitled" "unmastered" 8 new tracks! What does that mean? Hip-Hop just received another life line! Tracks with no names, only dates, dating back to 2013, 2014 and one track (Track #7) that's 8 minutes long reading 2014-2016! It's apparent he reached down in the music vault to give us more classics! 

Right behind my Apple notification for Kendrick, Tidal came in a close 2nd notifying me of the new Collegrove Album from 2Chainz and Lil Wayne! We've been waiting on that Carter 5 fire, like Bryson Tiller said, "Where that shit at?!" Well it's still not here but the album is definitely needed and Tunechi's fan's definitely need to hear from him. Over the last 2 or 3 years he has seemingly lost his relevancy in the rap game; I'm a fan but even I haven't been able to make it through some of his most recent mixtape releases due to redundant plays on words and the lack of lyrical content.

Well it's Friday and we all have shit to do, but with these two unexpected releases we have something to help get us through our Friday whoa's! Enjoy!