Love Is...

made from scrapes on kids knees 

after mom and dad take the training wheels off and set you free.

It's made from first kisses and broken hearts.

When she stands you up on a first date but calls and apologizes

because she too was scared of initial intentions.

It's made of those times when you feel like you just won't heal.

That feeling of your chest colliding falling over cliffs into your stomach.

It's made when you propose to the one you love but she doesn't love you

back enough to say "yes", so she says (no)thing.

It's made when we confuse sex with intimacy 

because we never thought with our looks and our strokes

that she could never, ever, not be that into me. 

It's made from loss and gain.

Sunshine and rain.

Those things broken and scattered all over the floor.

Love Is...

redemption, loss, vulnerability, unlearning to learn again, having to lose someone you loved to love someone you never knew

Love Is...

variety, a range of emotions and feelings, attitudes and interpretations, affections and pleasures, pain, ambition and those feelings you can't yet describe.

It's made when you see her smile because you entered a room or pout in the moments when you leave her to soon.

When women try and you avail. When women try and sometimes you fail.

Love Is...

Anthony RobertsComment