This Week's Guest (SportCuts101)

Every week around this time I began to get antsy about being in the studio. The opportunity to work with other creatives in the media field brings about a certain joy and fulfillment. To be given the chance to dialogue with others about their stories in life and experiences is simply humbling. 

On this week's podcast we have the fellas from SportCuts101 coming to the studio to talk about the state of the NFL and what Peyton Manning retiring means for the Denver Broncos. They will also help me steer the ship, chiming in on the topics of relationships, politics and religion as we always discuss on our weekly shows. These guys have been in the media business for quite sometime, whether it be creating music, digital art, podcasting and or reporting, they have been around the block a few times. 

                     Left to Right: Jeremy, Jeff, Kevin and Angelo of SportCuts101 Radio

                     Left to Right: Jeremy, Jeff, Kevin and Angelo of SportCuts101 Radio

The group went on hiatus a few years back due to a couple of the members embarking on the next levels of their lives with careers, marriage and starting families but the media fire in their bellies never left! To hear what these guys have been up to, tune in this Saturday with us by downloading the tunein app, searching FBRN and selecting the Blue Bowl. We will be live from 1-3 PM CST and if you just so happen to miss the show, we gotcha! Just go to iTunes, Soundcloud or Stitcher, type in "Tha Reality Is" and episode 51 is where you'll find the podcast version of this week's show! 

Here's a clip of Jeff (middle), one of the co-host making the mistake of picking RG3 over Andrew Luck for the 2012 draft. We all make mistakes (laughs out loud)!