Be the Roses


Too often we think we have tomorrow or the next minute or even the next hour to tell loved ones and friends that we love them. And then there are times we know that time is of the essence, that we must tell someone who is on their death bed what they mean or meant to us. We shouldn't wait until someone's final moments to be their roses, we shouldn't wait to say how we admire someone when there on their way out or incapacitated. I watched a man die yesterday. I watched the paramedic give everything in his power to bring this man back to life after a fatal car crash. He did compressions for at least five minutes, relentless not to give up on this man, on his family, on himself! As I watched from a far I knew that this victim of this car crash was his top priority! It was in that moment that I thought to myself, "I don't won't this man to die!" I didn't even know the gentlemen but the humanity in me spoke out!

So with that being said, we aren't promised tomorrow as we know, so make good on those promises to meet up with friends and family. Don't allow another day to go by without forgiving someone for something that's truly forgivable, no matter what it may be. Be the roses today before it's too late.



Someone deserves your roses today!