Podcasting Is A Community


We are all searching for that one thing we're good at. Some of us go to school get a degree, get another degree and even another degree only to graduate and not even pursue the dream we had in mind. Over the last 5 years podcasting has become one of those fields that even the most introverted of people can find themselves, their niche if you will. Podcasting for some is just something to do in your free time and for others it's a sanctuary; a place deep thinkers and the misunderstood can go to release their positive energy into the airwaves.

Podcasting is a place you can go to save lives by saying those things that people need to hear, giving voices to the voiceless, all while giving a new found perspective to those who have somehow lost themselves on this journey called life! There have been many days when I kept my thoughts to myself, those radical questions floating around the vaults of my mind...podcasting helped me release that allowing others to relate.

In life we stretch out dead-end careers to make ends meet and some of us become slaves to a 9-5. Podcasting is an antidote if you will to survive the day-to-day madness. It's hot yoga for a tight body, an exciting novel for a book club or even church for those who need an encouraging word. Podcasting is a community!