Ignorance Is Death

An agenda hidden

in those books we don't read

each page there lies the blueprint.


right there in front of us

and yet we empty our pockets

as patrons as our rationale dissolves

we're asking for

martini's and whiskey neats.

The hidden agenda no longer

lies within the pages

now sitting on our tongues

directly in our faces.

Blonde hair blue eyes.

Black hair brown eyes.

The revolution has been infiltrated

we are at war

with everyone and ourselves.

Those that look like us

carry the agenda and when caught

they are prepared for death

with false/poisonous teeth.

I am not one of them

though television has tried to

recruit me when I didn't have time

to pay attention

Almost costing me everything.

I became the revolution within

the rage

the infrastructure of this page.

People are dying from ignorance

in this day and age.