Ree-kuh n-dish-uh n

This shit always happens. It was suppose to happen.

Predestined for our destiny.

Why - are - white people so obsessed with me?!

Selling our souls for instant gratification and slave dollars.

Can you hear those slaves holla from the grave?!

There is no rule book for survival, but we represent the real

while our youth teach themselves to cock guns and kill!

Chiraq was written while black!

Keep your head up nigga!

Massa's on your back!

Keep your head up nigga!

Culture is the only thing they lack!

Conditioned to be America's number one supplier!

Even though you can't afford to buy(a),

not a gotdamn thing, you sale the richest thing you own!

And I am learning to transcend those shackles once placed around my hands,

feet, and mind, connected to timeless

moments spent watching reality tv, threw my tv out the window

because that shit does not feed me!

Continued solidarity accompanied by Simon, Davis,

Coltrane and Fitzgerald!

You can't find heroism in heroine!

Uncondition your thoughts and recondition your mission!

Build homes in your mind

find peace in your thoughts.

Claim everything you own

No real nigga can be bought!