Out Of Order


Let me start this off on fire!! Do not disrespect me--PERIOD! Do not try to push your wrongdoings onto me as though I have insecurities. Unfortunately, people often do this in relationships. Someone will be mad disrespectful and then when called out on it will accuse you of being jealous or insecure. I can obviously only speak strongly from a woman's perspective so this is dedicated to those men who use the excuse "she's insecure" to excuse the dog behavior they are displaying. Let's get some things understood - I can feel uneasy about a situation and voice my concerns about it without being labeled jealous, insecure, or a "black woman full of attitude." How about we not make things complicated and start with this: communicate our concerns with one another and then sift through the BS to see the validity of each other's concern. With that being said don't be rude and start name calling when THAREALITYIS --you sir, are the one out of order! http://youtu.be/eY_mrU8MPfI