Just Do It

I'm re-evaluating life through the crackling album by Bilal "First Born Second". I'm feeling some type of way and I can't quite label it. I tried to paint verbal pictures to my mom last night to make sense of the walls building in my mind. Over the weekend I always find someone or something to gain new interest in, discovering those things I've never seen or heard intrigue me. I've always wondered why closure is the hardest thing to come to terms with. Ending something to begin a fresh is something we all seem to struggle with. Some would rather stay slightly involved in the past while starting a new, an unforeseen train wreck and some like myself prefer to cut the jugular, go for the gusto if you will and just be done all together. Who gives a fuck! I don't care if it's a job, relationship, friendship, I just like to be done already. Dragging life decisions across the coals...that shit isn't beneficial for anyone! I've forgotten every topic we addressed on yesterday's show except for the segment about breaking up with someone and what makes it so difficult. Some of my colleagues felt that if you communicate via text with the person you're involved with 90 percent of the time then breaking up via text is appropriate. Another said that a phone call is sufficient and another said it doesn't really matter as long as the point is clear and concise. I agreed to disagree with all of those, the best way to be done with anything "to me" is to address that muthafkr head on! Whether you're quitting a relationship to be single and move on or whether you're transferring from one person to another, face to face communication is the most effective way to handle it in my opinion. I need to see the look in that persons eyes to know they understand what I'm saying and what I'm not saying, no signal needs to be lost or misconstrued. Up close and personal is the best way to end any situation that may have previously had substance.

I feel that it shows respect for the person as well as the maturity level of yourself. Now the only way that you shouldn't address him/her face to face, is if that person has no desire to see you, at that point any other form of closure is acceptable. Again, this is all my opinion and this is just a more elaborated opinion than I was able to give on this weeks show. I hope this helped all the stagnant, dormant minded people out there with their feet cemented in the here and now unable to move forward with their fucking life! So here's to the pooh-butt mofo's who need help with closure and assistance in moving on...just do it already!