Why Not

Why not fall in love? Why is the heart the only association of love, the eyes see what you want and need, fingers allow us to hold those things we crave, lips assist us engaging in never-ending kisses, passionate creativity. If I created a space, four walls, a shotgun house loaded by her smiles, just a thought, then I would have a home that's built off loving experiences, pictures of off spring and ancestry for decorum and she'd cook with love so I'd always be full. With love, real love, unconditional love, i'd dance using feet, hands, head, legs, arms to create the most epic, amazing, unfiltered, reciprocated and most effective love in to her being. I'd retrace sentiments of how much I love her along her ribcage, and every time she wonders and wanders while trying to figure out how much I really love her when times are bad, she'll remember my heart etched in her side with my fingertips or perhaps the way I looked at her when depositing my love into her ankh. Love is the shit yo!