The Engineered Barrel


We need lifetimes to rebuild

what was taken

this one

cannot promise us

all the things

we dream of.

A million men

marched but

how many did it

just to say I was there?

If each king

took the time

to condition his son

he'd shine brighter

than one by

his 21st birthday.

God judges

by sky and sea

while we lie

and de (ceit)

filling our memory

with wishful things.

I learned on yestereday

that my great, great, great

grandfather was

related to the moon

and wolves.

It's no wonder

why I howl

at full moons

and police brutality.

Cold winds bare

our truth

Nappy hair

holds our roots.

They conditioned

us to be crabs

but we must

take responsibility

for engineering

the barrel that

resembles black graveyards.