I Didn't Do It (Gotcha)

Now that I've gotten your attention with the beautiful tit being pinched as the cover photo, let's get to business (smiles). I've been in search of a great poetry challenge lately since I haven't had the time to sit down and write since work, school, and business just keeps me busy! Today out of no where I began to get text messages, messages via social media, and even a phone call or two complimenting me on my most recent post on this website. Now, I knew damn well I hadn't written anything in at least a month, so what could everyone be talking about?! So, I log into the website to see that Gabrielle, one of our writers for the blog had logged in and dropped a few poetic lines and now she has inspired me to do the same, but before I do so, I want to say thank you to everyone that complimented the poem. It is a nice one if I must say so myself and she deserves the compliments she's getting, not me! Now since I have been inspired by her, I'm going to write a quick poem of my own following this short and sweet post. Enjoy!

I've stood long enough where you left me.

Trinkets of you all around me

Reminding me of the good ole days when televisions watched us in our state of REM

An open wound scarred my knee from where I fell for you far to many times

I was daring enough to love you causing self-inflicted wounds

Sweet pain I felt as the devil dragged his nails across my ribcage

attempting to make a tune out of tears

You were a purposeful love, my way out

The Betty Ross to my rage

Your kisses still stream through my DNA creating infinite copies

of this things that will never be

My mind still remembers you, a constant daydream

A too small ring on a swollen finger

I can't get the memories of you off my skin

Thanks for the inspiration Gabrielle.