Who Are You?


Amongst the black community there is a daily struggle with self-identity. What do I mean by that? There are too many of us not living comfortably within our own skin, race, and or society. Many people who know me, know that I'm a blunt speaker who likes to get directly to what I have to say, so I'll do that in this post. black corporate

When I say there are black people who are afraid to live in their own skin, what I mean by that is those who aren't comfortable with their wide noses, kinky hair, broad shoulders/hips and pigmentation of their skin. While other races are attempting to emulate what we look like and purchase what naturally comes with our DNA, we are trying to force other races idolatries into a frame of black that wasn't meant for anything else but what it is.

Then there are those who run from their race and culture. You have the I don't listen to ratchet music, no corn roll wearing, basketball and football avoiding, using big words when there is no need for it, I must prove to everyone that I'm educated, I only do things on the North side of town, I'm 1/4 this, that and the other but still 50 percent black type people. However, they fail to realize that even if you're 1 percent black, you're still 100 percent black to the rest of the world. I'm just saying, so get over it! Embrace your culture because not every race has their own, they "steal", not purchase, but steal to have something of their own.


This society wasn't built for us, we were brought here like a lot of other races and we have created a stamp on this country that was meant to keep its proverbial foot on our throats, chains around our neck, hands and feet. But like everything else we've over come more than this world ever thought we could and we did that by sticking together and improving our communities by helping hands and uplifting words. We've strayed away from that more so over the last 25 years and we need to get back to that. Be proud of how you look, dress up every now and again and let people know that you're here, awake and on the rise. Back up your brother and sisters. Don't just talk about a revolution, be about one, hell create your own!

Give an encouraging word to your fellow brother and help him out with his ideas, don't steal them. Stop embezzling money from our own institutions  and leaving others who need help out in the cold because you want to be the only one driving a nice car, living in a nice neighborhood and wearing nice clothes. Speak to one another when you see a brother or sister in passing, you're aren't all that I promise you. Let's get back to what got us this far and that's believing in one another.

Yes, I semi-support multiculturalism but I support the building and branding of my own people more, because that's the agenda of every other culture except black culture!


Do you hate yourself? Are you trying to be someone you're not? Have you disowned your culture?