Beasts of No Nation

The acting growth of Idris Elba has been amazing to watch, from playing the role of Stringer Bell, the drug king pin in The Wire to the erratic and fixated DCI John Luther of the Netflix Original Series Luther. He's always shown his ability to play a range of characters taming his English accent to play American roles. Recently, Elba was said to be "too street" to play the role of the new James Bond in the 007 franchise; but that didn't bother him as he took to his Instagram page saying," Always keep smiling! It takes no energy and never hurts! Learned that from the Streets!" This statement included the infamous side eye emoji that made it all the better.

Some have tide this to the "We will never be good enough" mantra as black people in a white world and you can very well take it that way, but author Anthony Horowitz of the new 007 novel  said that he had no intentions to cause a riff by saying this, he just felt that someone like Adrian Lester would be a better fit than Elba. I could not disagree more but hey, that's another story for another day. I wrote this post today to show another facet of Elba's acting game with his new upcoming movie Beast Of No Nation. I could write about it like every other journalist/columnist but I just want you to watch this clip and see if your thoughts don't hang on the ledge in wonder of how great this movie will be.

Enjoy this clip from his new movie introducing new young actor Abraham Attah.