Open Season


police brutality

I hope I get to see you tomorrow.
I hope my mother gets to feel butterflies in her stomach from my accomplishments.
I hope my brother gets to see his daughter become who she was destined to be.
I’m not sure about marriage and kids but I do hope to have a family some day.
I hope I get the chance to right all of my wrongs
and after sadness become happy off my favorite songs.
I hope...
that when i’m pulled over I’ll be handled with proper protocol,
asked do I know why I was pulled over
and when i say no,
he will smile and politely inform me of what I had done
with a smile on his face and his hands straight down by his side.
I hope he’ll ask for license and registration “please”
check to make sure that my name is clean
and all permits are up to date and let me off with a warning.
And if by chance i have  something outdated or I don’t get that warning,
write me a ticket that I can not afford!
I’d rather eat beans and rice for two weeks than to watch
my mother cry two fortnight's!
I’d rather sleep in my own bed than to spend one night in jail!
I’d rather you call for back up when none is needed just to intimidate me
as long as I still have breath in my body to breathe!
I wish that I didn’t have to write this type of poem,
but tha reality is hope is all that we have now!
The hope that things will get better,
the hope that deer season comes soon because cops
are running out of niggas to kill!
But for now let’s just hope for better days.