Afrophobia/White Privilege

So often we are feared for just being ourselves, living within the skin God gave us. We don't choose to be born in this skin but we accept it! We accept the harsh realities of being paid less, racially profiled, feared even when wearing a smile and for being educated. Most people who fear us, they don't even have a clear explanation of why or how their fear even came about. I've spoken to many who have said, they fear us because their parents told them to. Though they never thought to ask their parents why do they fear "us". I'm sure it's for many reasons but the one that reigns supreme is that they fear that Blacks along with Hispanics and every other nationality will finally have an opportunity at equality.

I recently listened to Another Round, a podcast on BuzzFeed, and the host walked around New York City asking white men, "What do you think is the biggest problem that white men face today, if any?" One pedestrian responded, "I haven't really given that much of a thought." Another said, "A lack of good television, and everything else is pretty gravy!" There were a few answers that were pleasantly surprising to me. The last few interviewees stated something so profound, they did not allow themselves to stand in their own way of honesty by saying, " Holding ourselves accountable for privilege, just recognizing that we have it, and that were not doing enough to change it. Our ignorance and lack of willing to address problems that are prevalent in white guy culture. White privilege is more than just being something that the white man has over everyone else, it's basically killing everyone else, white men don't have to fear police, or worry about going to certain places at certain times of the day, I can wear a hoodie at anytime of the day and no police will bother me, and that's fucked up!"

The most profound statement that was made during those random interviews throughout New York City was the very last one. I'm going to paraphrase this, after being asked, What do you think is the biggest problem that white men face today? The anonymous gentlemen replied, "It's hard to stay awake as a white man because all of the media is trying to put you back to sleep, because everyone is going to tell you that it's not your problem, it's them it's not you, being woke is something that you have to keep doing, you have to work at it to stay awake. I have to try, I wanna do what I can do with the privilege that I have as a white man but i don't want it to ever become about me as a white man, because it's not my struggle." There is an issue in America and the biggest issue is not racism, but education! It's important that all races are aware of their history, in educating everyone about their history they have the opportunity to learn where they come from, why race is so important today and why hatred because of race has gotten more out of hand in the last 7 years than ever before in some of our short lifetimes as millennial's.


So I challenge all of you to pick up a book and read about your history, read the history of the people you fear so much, read the history of the people you do not understand and then try to implement change into this society that's so desperately in need of love and understanding, healing and nourishment. If we don't create change, then another war for of civil principalities will be at all of our doorsteps in the near future.

What are you doing to change your environment? Are you up to date on your history? Do you know why you are feared? Are you afraid of living in your skin?