Your Flags are Showing


You go through life changing events and meet people that make everything seem so golden.  They are like a breath of fresh air; the sun that has cleared up your clouds.  They say absolutely all of the right things, treat you better than you've been treated before, and you feel that you can be 100% yourself with them.  Then you come up for air to actually see life for what it is; and boom – the issues start to pour out like hot lava.  How do you let go when all of the red flags are visible? When you know that this, whatever “this” is; is not going anywhere?  Maybe this person that has helped you through the storm was just placed here to do just that - help you through and to move on. Then there is the big BUT, you still enjoy the time you spend and the friendship that has developed. Do you cut them off or continue with the friendship when you know that continuing is treading on shaky ground? In the words of one of my favorite bands, Daft Punk, "It may not be the right time and they may not be the right one," but the @tharealityis  right now - happiness dwells within this situationship...  [embed][/embed]