Here Is To Waking Up In San Diego!


The sounds of the winds blowing in from the ocean is nice. It is actually something I've always dreamed of experiencing and until this morning, I never had the opportunity to. Waking up here in San Diego is beautiful; enough silence to ease any man's roaring thoughts that have been dared to be tamed for quite sometime now. It's also a plus that I am able to catch up with my childhood friend and another friend of mine from Dallas, by way of Boston! I've been here literally for 18 hours and it feels like I've experienced a week in this city already. The fresh air, beautiful sunsets, and gorgeous amenities don't hurt either and the women, in the words of Coach Green, "They are who we thought they were!" But this trip is about more than a vacation, it's about more than sight-seeing this beautiful city, it's a rebirth if you will, a time to rejuvenate from everything that has happened in my life over the last year.

From relationships, to college, and college to my career, things have been hectic to say the least. Though here, right now, in this moment, things couldn't be better, the air can't feel any better in my lungs, the sun can't choreograph its dance steps any better on to my skin. I guess what I'm trying to say is that life is good, and with this time to reflect on past, present, and future things to come I couldn't be in a better place, spending it with a better person, surrounded by peace, love, and destinations that I can't wait to explore! Here's to waking up in San Diego!

Until the next time inhale courage, to exhale success!