Words Without Wings


We want to build altars from rubbish create our own institution

change the minds of those who see us as "different"

stop the violence

yell our beliefs from the rooftops

force feed a future whose not yet learned etiquette

break chains when the key is mental

break windows to get free when doors are open

fly without ever learning how to walk

We want equality

but are we not the same as thy brother

have we not enslaved, tortured, manipulated, and disenfranchised

have we not sold out our own brother for the almighty dollar

maybe we should stop trying to fight so hard alone

maybe we should be more resourceful with our resources

we are all on the edge of this mutha fucka called life

we are all alone until we agree not to be

until we say no more rationalizing faults

no more pulling each others cards and never-ending blame games

we can't build pretty places without stains

we can't build one nation together with one demographic in mind

we can't even build a thought without first being taught by someone else

we can't do anything worth something all by ourselves

So maybe we should stop running in circles

pull out a chair and with muzzled thoughts hear others

solutions with needle and thread