"Tha Reality Is" Top 5 Shows For The Summer


I know, I know, sports like football and basketball have abandoned us, leaving men like me searching for dear entertainment life for the summer. June and July are the months that leave us in "no mans land" looking for something to watch and soak up some of our free time. Well, look no further, we have our top 5 shows for you to watch this summer courtesy of NETFLIX! netflix



Seasons: 2 (25 episodes)

6 agents of the FBI come together to form a group that takes on some of California's most notorious criminals in undercover sting operations, all while trying to remain who they are, the good guys. But even for the best of us, if we play with fire to long, we just might get burned.



Seasons: 2 (11 episodes)

When a murder in Belfast remains unsolved, DSI Stella Gibson is brought in to catch a killer! That's what Netflix wrote, but this is a pretty bad ass show! It's full of twist and turns, but the crazy thing is you know the killer from the jump, but catching him is still the hardest thing to do.



Seasons: 1 (13 episodes)

I don't have anything to say about this show outside of AWESOME! Best fight scenes I have seen on any show in quite some time, go watch it now and enjoy! If you wanted more insight go read the synopsis on Netflix, who do you think I am, your informer (joking)!



Seasons: 3 (38 episodes)

What's not to like about this show, full of random acts of violence, scary scenes out of nowhere, and a well written plot to every season. This show is for all the individuals who claim to be different; from season to season they keep the core cast members as they switch up the roles, and it's absolutely amazing to say the least!



Seasons: 7 (84 episodes)

I won't spoil the show for you, but I will say if you are a man/woman who has had to bounce back from a lot of failures in life: failed marriages, relationships, and etc. This is your show! Oh yeah, if you like sex with beautiful women California style, then this right here is for you!