So here we go again! I can't help but sit here at my desk at work and fight the emotions that are burning in my soul. Another crime against black people and I almost hate to watch the news to see what propaganda will be fed to us now. Was Dylan Roof, mentally unstable, did he suffer from abuse, was he socially awkward and just longing for a place to belong? All foolishness that I can't bear to listen to and refuse to accept. There is no need for a psych evaluation or deep investigation to his background, which based on history, probably will happen. I'm listening to CNN live and I'm sure this is not the politically correct thing to say, but he was captured at a traffic stop, and unfortunately many of the occurrences involving black people did not end the same way. Instead we were choked, shot, beat to death and he was apprehended no harm done. I don't ever wish harm on anyone, but this is yet another example of how different black lives are treated in America. It angers me that white people, and I can't really just limit it to white people because I've heard other ethnicities say discriminatory statements; choose to be so oblivious to the visible differences of prejudices and then when the light finally pops up in their head - somehow they have to let us know how there's injustices for all. Every time I see someone use the hashtag #blacklivesmatter some Anglo Saxon has to say #alllivesmatter; which has absolutely nothing to do with the situation at hand. Of course all lives matter, but saying that is like someone coming to my cousin's funeral and telling me I shouldn't feel bad because their cousin died too or me telling you my grandmother has cancer and you telling me that your grandmother had cancer and died - WHAT?!?!?  #Tharealityis.... BLACKLIVESMATTER - PERIOD.
 I'm so angry and frustrated!