Let It Go

Often times we see them more than we see our families. We see them everyday, have lunch with them, and sometimes share things with them that we don't even share with those closest to us. Them - equals coworkers. Being that we spend so much time with these coworkers they can often turn into friends then graduate to relationships and sometimes even marriage. But pump your brakes Robin Thicke - you can't have a relationship with someone who's ALREADY IN ONE! When you're at work, lines can become blurred because people choose to ignore the fact that "your boo" isn't YOUR boo. How do you separate the two? How do you control the feelings that you have for a person when you THINK they have feelings for you as well? Or maybe the feeling is mutual, but #tharealityis - they're taken. Many times I find myself being that friend that is saying girl let it go. You can't be with someone that doesn't want to be with you. If this was for you than it would be for you only. All of the right things are being said; so I think, but when do you stop giving advice to someone who; as my granny says, doesn't believe fat meat is greasy? #Tharealityis: GIRL - YOU'RE WASTING YOUR TIME!!!!