A Fear Of Flying

I've always wanted to go to Miami, but the catch is that I've always wanted to go on an all guy's trip for my first time, and not with a significant other. Well, that time is here, and I'm trying to move heaven and earth to make this trip happen. Checking accounts, checking work schedules, dotting my I's and crossing my T's! The most important thing is making sure that I won't be robbing Peter to pay Paul (shrugs). Another dilemma is that I've flown before, but never on my own! Yes! I've never flown alone. Honestly I had never boarded a plane out of fear of it crashing until the past couple of years, but every flight that I was on, my significant other did all the work of: purchasing tickets, booking flights, rooms, and etc. I had the simple pleasure of just packing and showing up. Simple right? Well, now it all falls on me to make this trip happen, and to be honest, I'm nervous as hell!

Some people would probably be embarrassed to say this, but I'm not, because the reality is I grew up sheltered from a lot of things, and I really didn't begin to venture out of my comfort zone until my mid to late 20's. So in my attempt to make this short and sweet so I can get back to my daily routine, pray for me (laughs out loud)! Because I'm liable to be roaming around DFW and Ft. Lauderdale airport like a baby with a wet pamper and no bottle or mother to comfort me.

But hell, here is to new challenges, multi-cultured women, new experiences, and lot's of alcohol! I hope.


Have you flown yet? Have you flown alone? Do you have a fear of flying or flying alone? If so, don't be ashamed because shit happens!