In Today's Society Who Would Ever Consider Dating A Black Woman?

This is what you have to think right? Why would I date a black woman when no one is rooting for them, seemingly not even their black men! I was in search last week to find content for my Dallas based radio show, looking for reason's of why men should date black women, and almost to no avail I found something. This wouldn't be considered a diamond in the rough article, because black women shouldn't be seen at such an indispensable level as they are. I typed in, Reasons To Date A Black Woman in the Google search engine and within the first 10 searches came up with one article from 2011, and before that 2010 and we all know interracial dating is on the up and up, so again, why would anyone write an article to stand up for black women and the power that they single handily possess? Over and over again as you look at social media you find post and memes created about black women and how society doesn't respect or value their presence. Here's just a few:


As I searched for material to use in this article, here were the first articles I saw on dating before finally landing my eyes on any article with interest of a black woman: 5 Reasons Why I No Longer Date Black Women, Top 10 Reasons Why Not To Date A Black Woman, Top 10 Reasons Why It's Hard To Date Black Women, and 8 Real Reasons Why Black Women Should Date White Men! That's not it, but you get the drift at this point.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one who felt the same way according to an article written by Shanelle Gabriel from February 28, of 2011. Gabriel had this to say in reference to her search on finding articles that gave good reason to date black women.

"Apparently, when you type "10 reasons to date a black girl" on google the first thing that comes up guessed it..."Top 10 reasons why it's HARD to date a Black woman" followed by 10 reasons to not date a geek, 10 reasons to not date a Black man, and 8 reasons to date a White woman. I am at page 7 on google and I still haven't come up on a single hit of or in semblance to "10 reasons to date a Black woman." SMH. So after over 25 hits on reasons to date a White man, to even dating a vampire, gamer & cheerleaders, on page 9 I got one website. It wasn't even 10 reasons. It's "8 reasons to date/marry a Black woman." Damn, Black women couldn't even get 10, just a cool eight."


Although it's no excuse, it's also no reason "we" as Black Americans don't even seem to value our self-worth, because why would we, when no one else does, and it seems that Black vs Black is the new thing! Yeah, I know it's been going on for years, but when does it end? When do we as "black men" began to fight for our women? Well, before I end this article and head off to work, I want to give my Top 3 Reasons Of Why Black Men Should Date Black Women, and no I shouldn't have to, but I am.

Top 3 Reasons To Date A Black Woman

1. Your household will flourish like no other.

2. There is no us (black men) without them!

3. They are entrepreneurs with high graduation rates and they encourage a go get it mentality for their men!

After writing those three reasons, believe me I wanted to dive a little deeper into the psyche of things, but I'll save that for my radio rants. If you're one who would like to oppose number three, as people often do, check out this article from 2014 written by, specifically paragraphs 2 and 3.

There is one thing that I love the most about black women, they don't need validation, and they don't seek it like most women of other races do. I appreciate that!

Would you date a black woman? What do you love about black women? Are you guilty of looking over the true essence of black women? If so, email us at and tell us about it!