Over Under


I'm trying to survive getting over you Slithering beneath someone else, someone new

Not wanting to fall for them I love you harder than ever

Drenched in words I could never say to you

Lying naked in my bed you are still outlined in my sheets

A morning memorial

And when they ask me about you

I respond like you mean nothing to me

But rest assure its tongue to cheek

I bite my tongue to keep from saying how I'm dying on the inside

Words seek refuge on the rooftops of my mouth

Tears held captive like rain in clouds

Reports of flash flood warnings and tornadoes like a goddess teamed up with mother nature

You will one day feel my wrath

You will join me surrendering to your slumbers

Midnight will not bring you resolve

Morning will hold no more clarity than yesterday

Tonight I will continue to be submissive

I will be play the role of desire by getting under them while getting over you