It's Almost That Time Again...


When you party from mid day until night, over drink, and meet people who you won't remember the next day. Yes! It's "Hump Day" and we're just two more days away from the "F'n" weekend! For us here at Tha Reality Is, that means getting ready for another great show, and I must say, I'm looking forward to it. It's just something about that microphone being there awaiting to be conquered by profane language, reality, and so much truth with sarcastic undertones. This week hasn't been like any other, well I'm lying it has been the same ole shit if I'm being honest, but I did find a bright spot on Monday. I got a text from a good friend, telling me that I should check out this "hot" new podcast by two brilliant young women of color called Another Round! They are a part of the BuzzFeed family and I'll be honest, I've never read anything or paid attention to the BuzzFeed website, but I browsed it today just from listening to these two young ladies. They tackle issues about race in America and what it's like to be black and how privileged it is to be "white!" Yes people, there is a such thing called "white privilege" and "No" that doesn't mean I'm racist. It just means I try to be honest as possible and see the world as it is.

another around

Anyway, if you have anytime in your day or week to check these beautiful young women out, I advise that you do so for the sake of your sanity and being informed on things that go on in our everyday society. What you'll love about them, is although the topics may seem serious, they're also very lighthearted, and take everything with a grain of salt. They're confident and informed in what they say and as well as they are ready to educate, they are open-minded enough to receive information that they may not have known prior to the show. If I had to describe it to someone I would say it possesses the friendship of Pam and Gina (if you're black you get this) and the love hate relationship on the mic of Khadijah and Regine.

Now, if you haven't been persuaded thus far to tune in and listen, then this may be the kicker. They have two segments that are to die for, Drunken Debates and Tracy's Jokes, and believe you me the parrot joke with Bob and Jerome is a must listen! Alright I've said enough, so drop what you're doing and go listen now!