Inhale Courage to Exhale Success

IMG_8865 2 There are days in life where your thoughts will outweigh your sanity, confusion will set in about what you're doing with your life, and how you're not where you want to be. You'll begin to look at the success of other's and wish that it was your own, and though no one else knows, you're just one upper cut away from being out the fight. This is where the cliché quotes comes in, stay strong and don't give up! Keep fighting! Your delay is not your denial! These are all things that friends and family will tell you, and all of those quotes are true, but that's not what you want to hear. You want progress! You want right now change in your life!

I'm here to tell you that it's not going to come that easy, but you have to continue beating the pavement and creating your own path, stay focused using tunnel vision, and see only what needs to be done. Be sure to stay in your lane and be prepared for the obstacles that life hand you. One by one keep chopping away at your goals, and surely one day sooner than later you will obtain your personal greatness that you've been striving for. Everyone tries to create a manual on how to become successful, but "Tha Reality Is," there is no such thing, because everyone's journey is specifically tailored for them, and your story of success and how you made it over has to be in your own words, not a books or anyone else's. So strap in, put your hard hat on, and go to work!