Every year Texas gets a few feet of snow, some rain and ice and the city literally shuts down. Stores close down early or don't open at all until the proceeding day. Then the ice begins to melt, the sun begins to shine, and minus a few dozen wrecks, all is good with the world again.

Some of us during the down time, catch up on movies and shows that we haven't had the chance to see because of work and just the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But some of us risk our lives to get to work anyhow, no matter the slick conditions of the roads, and why? Because our jobs still demand that we come to work. It doesn't matter if you live 30-50 miles away from your destination, so what you might end up in a ditch in a last ditch effort to get to work.

You know it's dangerous and you know it's probably not the best thing to do, but you try anyway. Some may read this post and say, "Hey! I live in NY, WI, MD, and so on, and so forth," but the thing about Texas is they don't clean the roads off when its time, and for whatever reason they act as if snow is the devil, and ice is his cousin! We're never prepared for anything here in Texas!

After having yesterday off due to an ice day, I was called back to work and after waiting around for the text message from management whether to come into the office or stay at home, they decided to bring us back in. I watched the news, seeing the traffic report that every major interstate for my route to work was blocked or shutdown but I proceeded to get dressed and head out for work. As I began my way to work, my car stopped suddenly on the side of the interstate, a dead battery stopped me dead in my tracks. I instantly began to think about how to fix my car to get to work, I didn't want to let them down. Then my next thought was they don't pay me enough to risk my life in this sleet and snow.

After calling in and advising my manager that I wouldn't be able to make it in to work today, I got back home to watch the news and see that a diesel on the same route that I was supposed to travel had went over a bridge and nearly into the lake, hanging on between two bridges. The driver made it out alive thank God! I later learned that on my alternate route there was a 6 car pile up. It instantly hit me, and I thought to myself, thank God for a dead battery! Even though it seemed to be a hassle for me, and my job may not even appreciate me coming in, your life, my life is not worth the risk for a few extra dollars.


So my message to you, is to take care of yourself, and think about "you" first sometimes, because you only have one life, and your job isn't going anywhere, and even if you lost the job, the world can never get another you.