Things Have Changed...

  In the last six months, I've lost relationships that use to have importance, and I have also gained so much more in return. Like flowers wilting away, friendships are often similar. I've lost those who I thought for whatever reason would be around a lifetime, and befriended others whom often times I don't even feel I'm worthy of their friendships. Some people are just so genuine they make you feel that way.

friendship 2

Those friendships that have fallen by the wayside, I guess they had their expiration dates. In their absence it is a relief to not have to incorporate the 3rd and 4th Laws of Power on a daily basis to get to the bottom of things; I can now breathe easily. Being wary of friends is not something that engages me. In friendships there should be, honesty, reciprocity, trust, acknowledgment, respect, help, a listening ear, and no issue in one single day should be able to tear down years of work put into building something supposedly unbreakable.

broken frienship

But I'm thankful today, even for those things that almost broke me and those things that caused me to re-evaluate my own intentions/definition of what friendship should be.

To the friends that I've met in the last six months, you know who you are, you know how much I appreciate you, and I hope that the growth of our bond continues onward and upward. Thank you!

Do you know who your true friends are?