How We Perceive Things To Be

Visions, messages, and significant laughter

tongues tying knots from kisses that started

as empty conversations

Give me responses when you feel like it

you liked to make me wait

though you seek my approval to smile.

And if she's a lie and you're the truth in all of this,

where does the honesty truly begin?

I read that some can see a few feet into their futures

so watch your next step.

Surely you've chosen the long way home

I have never been a fan of scenic routes.

And nobody sees anything wrong with lying for "Pete's Sake"

but what about mine? We will find out

what's meant to be tomorrow when the shadows tell

time on the pavement, as the sun becomes paralyzed

we found truth in slanted perceptions.

Your words have carried you as far as they can, you will have

to go the rest of the way alone.

I remember us as being better than okay, once.

Time to move on, time to stand still elsewhere, where the birds

aren't watching, and family can no longer protect you as the truth

bleeds through, it has always been up for misinterpretations.