Coloring Outside the Lines

I had a conversation last night with a friend that reminded me that being different and speaking in my own words is intriguing. To engage in conversation with the world around you, and still no one can figure you out in one single conversation draws others to you. I often have those days where I feel like I'm a "sore thumb" standing out in the middle of society, and that's ok with me. Some feel this way and they try to disguise who they are to blend in, but I've always embraced the fact that I'm different, that no one can quite put a finger on who I really am.

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To be honest, I've been variant my whole life! From the time in 8th grade when I purchased my first pair of shoes, "lime green" boots! Yes! I thought I was everything, with a Polo shirt to match (laughing at myself). Or the time when I begged my barber against my mothers orders to get a part down the middle of my head to emulate Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway, even after my mother advised me, told me, forbid me not to get that haircut! I've never been someone to obey every single rule without question. I couldn't even color inside the lines as a kid, not because I wasn't skilled enough, but it just didn't seem right for it to be so perfect. Sometimes I would purposely draw a slight mark outside the line where only I could see it, but when others saw perfection, I knew that it wasn't, because nothing really ever is.

I can only remember of one time I tried to be something or someone I wasn't, and that was my 9th grade year when I entered high school, most of my friends had transferred to rival schools or didn't advance to the next grade. I went from being someone who was sure of himself at a young age to trying to embrace what seemingly was the new trend. The trend being "preppy" by wearing Tommy Hilfiger everything! I mean everything from shirts to pants to shoes. That lasted for about a semester, and then I was back to my East Coast style of Timberland's and baggy clothes. I said that to say this, you will never feel comfortable or like you fit in (in) this world if you're not being true to yourself, your style, and your mindset.

We all find out who we really are at different stages in our lives, but the important part is that you do find "it!" It being our passions, the things we love, what makes us get up in the morning, what makes us want to breathe when everything around us looks bleak. We have to find that! You must know that it's natural to feel rootless about stepping into a new season (a new you). You'll wonder if you're starting to late or to early, if you're intelligent enough, are you past your prime, and even if you're handsome/beautiful enough. But none of that matters. What does matter is the daily strides we take to becoming who we aspire to be. 

So embrace your differences. Know that people care about what you say, whether they speak positively or negatively about your visions, you have them talking. So be you, do you, and don't hold back your inner thoughts. Climb up on your high horse every now and again, love yourself, be good to yourself, and help others grow from your mistakes as well as your progress.