Getting Back on the Horse



It has finally started to feel like winter here in Dallas. The leaves changed colors months ago, "they are who we thought they were," as Dennis Green would say. Now that the breeze has began to match the dimly lit sky, winter can now began.

Today has turned out to be beautiful, so I thought to myself, why not go outside into the world and write. I've found like every other writer, that a change of scenery does the mind good. While being more of a poet, and less of a writer, I decided to try and change that in the new year. It's not so much a resolution, but a broadening of the resume if you will.

The smell of coffee beans,the sight of organic fruit, and more white people than I can count, and before I could create a thought for my next sentence, a gentleman in the cafe yells out, "Ho! Ho! Ho! Watch out kid before you shoot your eye out!" Yes! He is quoting one of my favorite Christmas movies. A line from The Christmas Story, and although he misquoted it, it still put a smile on my face. The Christmas spirit always seems to linger in peoples hearts at least until mid January, and then things/people return back to normal.

It's now after five, and the Starbucks line continues to grow, wrapping around the corner into the deli area and the temperature has begun to drop. The sunlight bounces off a nearby BMW, skips through the blinds, and into my peripheral temporarily blinding my vision. So I've decided to bring this writing excursion to an end, at least for today.

Tomorrow will bring about new emotions and experiences. Some better than the last, and I can't promise that my storytelling skills will ever become a formidable opponent against my poetry writing skills, but there is room for growth. Today was about getting back on the horse and riding again, even if it's not off into the sunset.