Thank You Stuart Scott

stuartscott-1363750323 The messages on social media said it all, but the two-hour long tribute on ESPN 2, made it realistic. A moment of surreal-ness, sadness, and shock came over me when I learned that Stuart Scott, the coolest sports analyst to ever grace television was gone. After an on again, off again battle with cancer, Scott had fought his last fight. The social media stratosphere imploded with messages of thank you, farewell, and condolences towards his family left behind.

I didn't have much to say after hearing the news, because just days ago I spoke out of concern, wondering where he was and just from the fact of missing his presence on ESPN. See, SportsCenter isn't SportsCenter without Stuart Scott, he was a talking creative punchline if you will. He made watching Top 10 plays the thing to do, he made being an analyst cool.

Where I come from you don't dream of being a sports anchor/analyst, they just teach you the basics. All I ever dreamed of being was something simple, with no meaning to who I really was. Anchors like Robin Roberts and Stuart Scott made me dream bigger. Two years ago with less than a year to graduate with my BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, I decided to change my major to Broadcast Communications. For the first time in my life I knew what I wanted to do; I felt that the decision I made finally suited me, and I owe it all to Stuart Scott.


After watching documentaries and interviews he had done, after sitting down and praying to whatever God I believe in to send me a sign of what I'm suppose to make of my life, and there it was, right in front of me the whole time. "Booyah!" I'm suppose to be a writer/analyst/broadcaster, and even if I never reach the pinnacle that Scott did, that's not what matters, it's about doing what I love and being true to myself and everyone else while doing so.

And yet again, even today after listening to Michael Wilbon and Jay Harris talk about the character of the man, not what he brought to television, but the enrichment that he brought to others lives through a kind word, advice and even genuine sentiments, I was reassured that the man whose presence gave me a nudge in the right direction was one of exceptional character and one not to take for granted.

Thank you Stuart Scott!