"We Dem Boyz" an Omen?

Much has been said about the Dallas Cowboys over the past 5 years, from all of their failures and short comings of 8-8 seasons, and they probably were justified statements. The one thing that I find weird, is how there is always a constant debate about whether they are Americas team, or Americas doormat. On this day, December 21, 2014, they are currently up 42-0, in the fourth quarter against the Andrew Luck lead Colts, where the offense has managed to keep him off the field, and the defense has held up their end of the bargain at keeping points off the board. I feel that this year they were destined for greatness after songs like, "We Dem Boyz", by Wiz Khalifa was released earlier in February of this year. I personally felt like it was some sort of omen, that this year, is the year of the Boyz!

In the illustrious words of Jimmy Johnson, "How bout dem Cowboys!"

dem boyz