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Podcasts are definitely the new thing for gaining fresh content and perspective. Tha Reality is, produced by Anthony Roberts and Artesia Swindle is one of Dallas' hidden secrets. Check out the interview below to learn more about their amazing podcast:


The Black Detour

The Reality Is podcast hosted by Anthony Roberts who is one of the most unfiltered podcast personalities out there. Anthony is one of the only host you can find who is 100% honest with his audience rather he’s talking about his relationship, friends, family or social issues.


action magazine

Anthony Roberts has unquestionably created something unique with Tha Reality Is podcast, giving radio an outside of the box gift where filtering becomes extinct and the voice of a new generation can be heard. Just one portion of Roberts Media Group, Tha Reality Is podcast has been broadcast not only nationally but internationally, providing a platform that unquestionably impacts an audience, but also creatively makes them think about the world around them.